Value Added Products

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Customisable, Convenient

ISPG offer a range of value added Irish Organic Salmon products either as consumer products or as bulk products packed on ice.

Depending on Customer specifications, we can supply fillets, portions or steaks produced to a variety of trims, customer specifications and packaging options.


Our fillets are hand trimmed to customer specification and packing options.

Fillets can be produced skin off.


Portions are produced to customers specifications and can be supplied skin on or skin off, with or without tail pieces.


Our Steaks are produced to customers specifications and packing options.

Frozen retail

ISPG have developed a range of products that offer consumers a wider choice for contemporary cooking.

Our range of frozen organic salmon portions have been developed to bring the goodness of Irish quality organic salmon direct to customers throughout Europe and North America.

Produced using the freshest choice cuts of salmon, the Frozen retail selection is a range of ready to cook salmon portions sealed in modified atmosphere packs to guarantee freshness.